For The Past 40 Years We've Served Food For More Than 200 Million
Serve the people to eradicate hunger, malnutrition, lack of medical facility & education

What We Do

Ongarakudil complex houses has three full-time dining halls and two additional dining halls put to use, whenever need arises. Read More

Food served at doorsteps of the villagers whose lively hood has been under threat owing to the continuous failure of monsoon rains in this belt. Our volunteers carry food everyday evening to 5-6 villages and distribute to the villagers. Read More..

Ongarakudil complex houses has three full-time dining halls and two additional dining halls put to use, whenever need arises. The camps are run by Rotary and other Volunteer Organiations with the team of Medical Proffessionals. Read More…

To prevent Cattles sent to Slaughterhouses our our Gurunathar advised His disciples to feed the cows wherever Possible. Even Monkey at near by hills are without food because of the dryness and they are also fed in regular basis. Read More…

Our ambulance service provided at nominal tariff to the poor who could not afford high rentals to a regular ambulance service for shifting the patients. Read More…

What may appear impossible to some has been a reality in Ongarakudil.
Millions of people turn up for food.

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Ongarakudil stands in between haves and have-nots, bridging the gap.

Why Serve the Needy Donate Food

Great Saints of India have always been the source of Compassion to her people. These Saints are truly avatars of Lord Muruga and they appear in the world almost every century.  They taught the world that recognition of others’ sufferings, compassion towards fellow human beings to save them from such suffering and the resultant acts of charity – “Annadhanam”  is the gateway to any spiritual aspirant irrespective of his religion, caste, creed or even his social affiliation.  This is Sammaargam, The True Prayer….

Take an Opportunity to Serve the Needy People

The happiest people are those who do the most for others.
Join with us you can also.

Daily Chuvadi

Word from the ancient chuavadi to the manking for todays living.


Donate freely for the noble cause of Annadhanam and other service activities carried out at Ongarakudil.

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Word from the ancient chuavadi to the Our Trust publishes the monthly spiritual magazine, “Gnana Thiruvadi”.