Food Donate

Sri Agathiar Sanmarga Sangam feed the starving people in and around thuraiyur town daily


Eye Camp

We are conducting free eye camp almost every month. Patients who require cataract surgery are treated at free of cost.


Animal Feed

Feeding the animal is an another humanity and we are doing so


Ambulance Services

We are providing the well-equipped ambulance services, for the emergency care to those with medical problems.


With your help...

We've served food for more than 200 million people for the past 30 years

Compassionate Saints Lord Muruga, Agathiar and others have stood by Ongarakudil to achieve this feat. No receipt of funds in the name of rituals, God or courses be it Yoga or others, this was possible with your tacit understanding and generous aid to carry out Annadhanam as preached by the great Saints and our Gurunathar. People come to Ongarakudil as if it is their home. The blessings of people whose fire of hunger quenched at Ongara kudil, bring happiness and peace in the families of the donors.


What may appear impossible to some has been a reality in Ongarakudil. Millions of people turn up for food. Food served at doorsteps of the villagers whose lively hood has been under threat owing to the continuous failure of monsoon rains in this belt. Free Marriages conducted by our Gurunathar, supply of potable water to Thuraiyur town for a period of 8 years are still afresh in the minds of beneficiaries in town. Ongarakudil stands in between haves and have-nots, bridging the gap.

20 crore

People Served

1000 kg/day

Rice cooked

6000 people/day

Person Served

30000 People

Cataract Surgery

The happiest people are those who do the most for others. Join with us you can also.

Daily Chuvadi

மகான் அதிபத்தர் நாயனார் அருளிய அருள் பிரசன்ன ஆசி நூல்


Donate freely for the noble cause of Annadhanam and other service activities carried out at Ongarakudil. Satiated stomachs of the poor are the storage places of your hard earn money, says Saint Thiruvalluvar. Yes, the almsgiving wipes away our sins brought through our various births. Our Gurunathar has always been emphasizing Dharma is the foundation of spiritual life.

Book Subscription

Our Trust publishes the monthly spiritual magazine, “Gnana Thiruvadi” It is above all castes and religions aimed at promoting spiritual thoughts and process in its readers. It carries our Gurunathar’ s discourse materials, spiritual explanations for Avvaiyar’s Aathi Chudi etc., it will be a rare collection for spiritual aspirants and a great value in their lives.

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